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Commercial building signs are exterior visual marketing solutions that generally indicate who you are, what products or services you can offer, and what makes you different from competitors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your preferences, goals, and branding requirements. Other uses for building signs include showcasing the tenants that occupy your commercial complex, indicating your slogan, proudly displaying your industry awards, and more.

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What are the Common Types of Building Signs in Kelowna? 

  • Kelowna banners: These custom building signs are often utilized for announcing short-term events such as limited-time discounts and construction projects in your facility. If you handle them with care, you can extend their lifespan and reuse them as many times as you wish.
  • Blade building signs in Kelowna: Unlike regular suspended signs, these are installed perpendicular to a wall for added visibility and charm. If you don’t want to worry about frequent repairs and replacements, we highly recommend that you have them made with Alumalite, Dura-wood, and Dibond.
  • Engraved metal plaques: Their sleek and modern signs are ideal for displaying simple ads or straightforward information, such as the partners in a legal office and clinic hours.
  • Hanging signs: The city of Kelowna is home to numerous business establishments that belong to different industries. If you are located in a high-traffic area, we recommend that you invest in these business signs because of their impressive visibility, even from afar.
  • Canopy exterior building signs: Their purpose is comparable to awnings, except that they are larger and use poles to support the structure. You can often find them in patisseries, bars, cafés, or restaurants with outdoor seating areas.
  • Awnings: These captivating and versatile business building signs are installed over your storefront doors and windows. They beautifully display your logo and company name and function as a shield from sunshine, rain, or snow.
  • Digital displays: Are you looking for a foolproof marketing tool that can draw more attention to your establishment in Kelowna? Digital signs or electronic messaging centers combine the best qualities of traditional and modern advertising. They are perfect for showcasing movie trailers, product video advertisements, digital messages, event teasers, and more.
  • Dimensional letters: These signs feature solid letters which are lit through external fixtures. Similar to channel letter signs, they are also individually cut, molded, and installed. We highly recommend them for government offices, corporate headquarters, law firms, dental clinics, and other establishments with a highly professional atmosphere.
  • Channel letters: These three-dimensional lighted building signs are known for being bright, colorful, stunning, and unforgettable. Channel letters have many customization options, giving you more elbow room for creativity. They come in four different illumination styles: front-lit, open face, combination, and backlit.   

Building Sign Makers in Kelowna, BC 

Dynamic Sign Solutions specializes in creating signage solutions that generate long-term, quantifiable results. We pride ourselves on having a team of talented and passionate individuals who go above and beyond in every project, whether it involves a single set of building sign letters or a complete range of outdoor visual communication tools.

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