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LED LIT Channel Letters

Custom channel letter signs are three-dimensional communication tools that are individually cut, molded, and installed outside your building. Each letter is made to have hollow features to allow LED tubes to pass through. They add a vibrant touch to your storefront that is hard to miss and easy to remember. Since they are highly customizable, you have more elbow room to get creative or follow your strict branding requirements down to the last detail.

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Types of Channel Letters 

  • Front-lit: They are incredibly popular storefront channel letters that you can find in most fast-food chains, clothing stores, cafes, and corporate headquarters in Kelowna. They feature colored translucent faces to match your unique branding requirements.
  • Reverse channel letters: Otherwise known as halo-lit channel letters, these come with a light source that is affixed at the back of the structure and bounces off the wall. This special illumination style beautifully emphasizes all the details of your signage. We recommend these signs for entrepreneurs who prefer marketing tools that have timeless and tasteful qualities.
  • Combination channel letters near you: As the name suggests, they showcase the best qualities of front-lit and backlit signs. They are perfect for companies looking for a lighted sign that most other Kelowna businesses may not have
  • Open face: If you are looking for signs with a vintage effect, we highly suggest that you get open face LED channel letter signs instead. Since they don’t have translucent faces, the light tubes are bare and exposed. It creates a stunning illumination style that looks astoundingly similar to neon signs.

Advantages and Uses of Channel Letters for Your Kelowna Company 

  • Day and night advertising for a fraction of the cost: Other marketing mediums charge you for every hour your ad runs or for the number of people who view them. Although this is not necessarily bad, some entrepreneurs also want to allocate their marketing funds to lower-maintenance kinds of advertisement. If you are in a similar situation, we highly recommend getting commercial channel letters.
  • Have a storefront that stands out: Consumers are exposed to hundreds of ads each day, which is why entrepreneurs have to come up with ways to get and retain their attention. Since channel letters are visible regardless of the time of day or weather condition, it will be easier for you to get the attention of people passing by and ultimately encourage them to enter the establishment. More foot traffic means more potential profit.
  • Reinforce your brand to leads: One way to successfully cement your brand is by investing in top-quality channel letter signs. When made by specialists, they can help put your brand’s best foot forward. This is important because people often associate the quality of a company’s products and services with how well their signs are made. This is why you must work with a dependable signage company to ensure that you are getting only the best of the best.
  • Make the most of your cost per impression: LED channel letters are known to shine brighter and last longer than those which are illuminated by other sources. Because of this, your signage investments generate more quantifiable results for your company.

#1 Channel Letter Sign Manufacturer in Kelowna, BC 

Dynamic Sign Solutions is among the top-rated companies in the area that specializes in creating visual communication tools. Through a customer-centric approach, we are able to carefully assess your marketing needs and curate the best possible strategies to accomplish your goals. 

Our custom channel letters are made from premium-grade materials and equipment to ensure that they are not just eye-catching but resilient to inclement weather as well.

Do you want to learn more about the cost of channel letters in Kelowna? Give us a call today!

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