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What are Electronic Signs? 

Electronic signs for business feature the best qualities of traditional and modern advertising. They can draw more attention to your Kelowna-based establishment and increase foot traffic. These hard-to-miss and easy-to-remember signs are excellent tools to cement your unique brand personality.

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Electronic Message Centers

Types of Electronic Signs in Kelowna  

  • Electronic message centers: EMCs are commonly used to showcase texts with special effects, video advertisements, and image slideshows. These can also be incorporated into monument signs for added visual impact. What’s great about them is that you can effortlessly update or change the media display through a centralized control panel, allowing more flexibility in your advertising tactics.
  • Monochrome digital displays: Despite being one of the oldest outdoor electronic signs, many establishments in Kelowna still use single-color LEDs because they are cost-effective and easy to use. Their simple and timeless qualities make them ideal for indicating business hours, important announcements, and ongoing sales promotions.
  • Tricolor LED signs: If you want to indicate important business details but want the signage to look a bit more interesting, getting tri-color signs is the way to go.
  • Neon LED signs: Do you want to achieve a hip, vintage ambiance? These indoor electronic signs are made with vivid LED but capture the charm of old-school neon signage. They can be inside the facility as décor to reinforce your brand outside to encourage foot traffic.

Recommended Uses for Electronic Signs 

  • Displaying your company name, logo, and slogan.
  • Announcing limited-time promos.
  • Greeting guests as they enter the facility.
  • Providing wayfinding cues to boost convenience and efficiency.
  • Promoting your best-sellers and signature products or services.
  • Advertising your newest launches.
  • Keeping customers entertained as they wait in line.
  • Informing the public about important business-related details, such as your contact number and store hours.

Are Portable Electronic Message Boards Worth the Investment? 

Digital billboards are dynamic business signs that help your business move forward. They can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending on your goals and preferences. While the cost of electronic signs in Kelowna is often higher than standard visual communication tools, the price is justifiable considering that they take more time, effort, and skills to produce. Not to mention the numerous benefits that they bring to your company. Because of that, we highly recommend custom electronic signs for Kelowna entrepreneurs who want to gain a competitive advantage and invest in solutions with long-term, quantifiable results.

Your Reliable Source of Electronic Signs in Kelowna, BC 

Dynamic Sign Solutions specializes in producing some of the best quality programmable LED displays in the area. Unlike other signage printing shops, we take the time to learn about your business, uncover your needs, and understand the communication preferences of your target audience. Doing these additional steps allows us to curate the best solutions that have a fast ROI and help achieve your goals. We also make sure to utilize modern equipment and premium materials so that the final product is nothing but captivating and durable.

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