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What Are Flag Signs?

Outdoor advertising flags are special visual marketing tools that flow with the wind, adding more eye-catching messages to your strategy that are hard to miss and easy to remember. They are primarily intended for brand reinforcement which is why they often display official logos, company names, and slogans.

Custom flags in Kelowna are easy to produce and install, relatively inexpensive, and require little to no maintenance. We highly recommend them for hotels, resorts, car dealerships, and other businesses that simply want to stand out.

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Hard Rock Cafe Feather Flag Banner

Popular Types of Custom Flags Kelowna 

  • Feather flag banners: They are fabricated from damage-resistant polyester material and digitally printed using a full-color, dye-sublimation process. Kelowna feather flags are secured to aluminum and fiberglass poles that are lightweight yet surprisingly resilient to inclement weather.
  • Kelowna angled flags: Their most unique feature is the lower part of the flags that are cut at a diagonal angle, which creates this one-of-a-kind, modern signage. They are ideal for tradeshows, parades, and piquing leads’ interest.
  • Teardrop advertising flags: As the name implies, they are teardrop-shaped, which effectively sparks the curiosity of motorists. They can either be installed on bendable poles or directly on the ground. There are numerous uses of custom flags, such as indicating social distancing reminders, wayfinding information, and parking area guidelines.
  • Rectangle advertising flags in Kelowna: They are your standard laser-printed flags that can be used to beautify your facility and provide more details about your products and services. Do you participate in tradeshows or similar corporate events? They are great tools to draw more attention to your booth and help your sales team convert leads successfully.

The Importance of Investing in Custom Feather Flags Kelowna 

Making wise corporate investments is part of every entrepreneur's struggle. Although custom signs are must-haves for all brick-and-mortar facilities in Kelowna, selecting the right types and styles can significantly affect how they would be advantageous to your company. 

For establishments located in high-traffic areas in Kelowna, have wide outdoor spaces, and often participate in events, we highly recommend that you get custom flags near you. These signs flow and are visible from a distance, so you can potentially entice more customers to come to visit you.

Don’t settle for signs made with generic templates since they will not make your brand stand out. Also, don't customize a flag by yourself because you might end up wasting your time, throwing away some resources, and spending beyond your original budget. Let the Kelowna experts do all the work to make sure that your marketing investment is smartly utilized while you take care of your other responsibilities.

Your Local Custom Flag Maker in Kelowna, BC 

Dynamic Sign Solutions is your trusted partner when it comes to high-quality and long-lasting visual communication tools that add value to your company. We use premium-grade materials and state-of-the-art machinery during the fabrication process to ensure that your signs are nothing but excellent. 

Unlike other sign printing shops, we go the extra mile in every project we handle, regardless of whether you need a single promotional flag or a complete set of signs to celebrate one of your company's annual events. We also take pride in having some of the best installers in town. They carefully and meticulously install your flags to ensure that they will not easily topple or collapse due to strong wind, rain, or snow.

Do you need help in creating striking and impactful designs? Our seasoned artists are here to do all the work for you. Give us a call today to learn more about the cost of custom flags in Kelowna.

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