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Impressive Corporate Lobby Signs 

Commercial indoor signs meet the expectations set by your outdoor signs. They are primarily intended to create a positive customer experience that leads to long-term profit. Apart from visual communication tools that directly advertise your products and services, you should also invest in signs that build your company’s reputation and connect with Kelowna consumers.

Lobby signs are marketing tools that are strategically installed in your reception area to welcome customers and showcase your unique brand personality. They come in many forms and sizes, depending on your preferences and goals.

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Types of Lobby Signs in Kelowna

  • LED Lobby signs near you: Front-lit and backlit lobby signs are fantastic tools to display the intricate details of your official trademark. Do you aim to leave a lasting impact? Combination signage can be your best bet since they feature the best qualities of both signs. Do you want to have a cool, vintage ambiance? If so, we highly recommend that you get open-faced signs instead.
  • Vinyl reception signs: These practical, colorful, and cost-effective custom lobby signs are perfect for entrepreneurs who want a quick solution. In other words, these can transform your facility overnight. High-quality office lobby signs in Kelowna can be installed on almost all smooth and flat surfaces, such as walls, glass dividers, and floors.
  • Metal lobby signs: 3D logo wall signs made from metal are ideal for Kelowna-based facilities with a highly professional atmosphere. Companies with minimalist, contemporary, sleek, or edgy brand images should also get them. If you prefer something flat, Dynamic Sign Solutions also offers laser-printed or engraved metal panels.
  • Acrylic lobby signs: Do you want to make your space more fun and interesting? 3D acrylic signs are highly customizable visual communication tools that can also function as branding décor. If you prefer something toned-down, similar to glass signs, we offer surface and subsurface laser printing on acrylic panels as well.
  • Dimensional Logo Signs: These are 3D signs that you can use for an elegant and professional appearance on the outside of your building and/or lobby. Instead of just being a painted design on a wall, they create a branding that stands out and makes a stronger impression. Customers can tell that your company is well-established and here to stay if you use materials like metal, plastic, or wood to display your brand name and logo in a three-dimensional format. 
  • Panel Signs: These are two posts and one sign panel that are used to make post and panel signs. Typical posts and panels have clean sign faces with minimal shaping, made from simple vinyl or metal posts, and an economical design. Post and panel signs typically have vinyl graphics applied to the sign faces and are Level-1 signs. These signs work well for parking lot direction signage, building identification, and pedestrian wayfinding. 
  • Fabricated Stainless Steel Logos: Choose fabricated stainless steel letters for a sleek, and contemporary look. They’re a fantastic option for exterior letters up to 5" thick and 2" tall, making them perfect when you need letters with more depth. Our stainless steel letters can be backlit with LED lights for even more impact. Letters are created according to your requirements. Stainless steel also permits almost any letter stroke-to-width ratio with a few limitations.
3D Logo Wall Reception Signage

How Can 3D lobby Signs Add Value to My Company?

It is common for consumers to support brands in Kelowna that they can feel connected to. As a smart business owner, one way you can build and earn their trust is by putting up visual marketing tools that reflect your values, best features, and unique qualities. Through these indoor lobby signs, you can creatively and tastefully provide more details about the company to positively impact your target market’s impression of you.

Common Materials Used in Reception Signage

You'll have a wide variety of choices when you work with Dynamic Sign Solutions on indoor signage. We offer a wide range of indoor signage designs. To design the ideal signage solutions for our clients, we work with a variety of materials, including vinyl, acrylic, and metals to give them a good quality product.

  • Vinyl: Banners, decals, and window graphics are just a few examples of the numerous indoor sign formats that vinyl is perfect for. Vinyl is a highly adaptable and customizable material that’s flexible but durable. If you want a graphic that’s durable and professional-looking but that you can also easily remove or exchange for another graphic, vinyl is the best option.
  • Acrylic: Acrylic is a strong, transparent plastic that can be used to make custom signs and displays as well as clear covers for other types of signage. Acrylic can be coloured and contour-cut into specific shapes. It’s ideal for adding a 3D element to your sign because it’s lightweight, strong, and professional-looking. It can be used both inside and outside and is resistant to cracking, chipping, and fading.
  • Glass: Another excellent material for indoor signs is glass. In fact, by adding graphic elements to the glass that already exists in your building, you can transform it into striking signage or decorative elements. You may also hear these types of fixtures referred to as privacy glass, architectural glass, decorative windows, frosted glass, and etched glass, among other names.
  • Metals: Metal is a fantastic option if you need a sign material that’s incredibly strong and long-lasting. Signage frequently uses aluminum. steel, bronze, and copper are also widely used. Metals are excellent for giving your sign an industrial and incredibly professional look. Metal can be finished and polished in countless ways to give it a distinctive appearance.
  • Wood: For years, wood has been a common material used for signs, and it’s still used frequently today. To increase its durability and give it a distinctive look, you can cut it into almost any shape and finish it in a variety of ways. A wooden sign can have a polished surface or a more rustic appearance, depending on how you finish it. Wooden signs are ideal for giving your signage a rustic, outdoor feel.
  • Digital Signage: Digital signs use screens and electronic components to display images and text rather than being made of a single material. These signs are becoming more and more common these days. They offer a number of advantages, including the flexibility to alter your message whenever you like. Your signage may perform better if it includes video.

More Uses for Lobby Signs for Your Kelowna Company 

Aside from displaying various forms of brand elements, you can also use office lobby signs to:

  • Indicate house rules, warnings, and reminders for guests.
  • Display the label or purpose of each counter or lane at the reception area.
  • Provide easy-to-understand wayfinding cues and directories.
  • Narrate the company’s journey to success or history.
  • Share the company’s industry recognitions and awards.
  • Illustrate your corporate social responsibility campaigns or activities.
  • Showcase your best-selling items, newest launches, and signature services.
  • Display a concise list of what your business has to offer, including rates and descriptions.
  • Acknowledge important leaders that helped the company grow.

Your Expert Lobby Sign Manufacturer in Kelowna, BC

Dynamic Sign Solutions is your trusted partner for top-notch visual communication solutions. We are committed to helping clients maximize their marketing potential to the fullest through foolproof sign-making strategies. We only utilize premium-grade materials and state-of-the-art equipment to maintain the highest standard in all our products. From simple metal plaques to a complete set of reception area signs, you can count on our team to meet, or even exceed, your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a lobby sign?

It is a sign that is installed in the lobby or front reception area of a. A blank wall can be turned into a branding opportunity by using these signs in the entrance area. No matter what type of business you run—a salon, an office, a car dealership, or a retail outlet—lobby signs create a welcoming atmosphere for customers, clients, and employees.

How long do lobby signs last?

Typically, lobby signs are extremely strong and have a long lifespan. However, several different elements, such as the material used to build it and the location in which it is placed, will affect how long they last precisely. A lobby sign's lifespan will be shortened if it is subjected to intense sunlight or general wear and tear.

What colours can we use?

Any colour you want can be used for your signage. However, since colours have a significant impact on how people perceive your brand, we advise making a careful colour scheme selection. To choose a colour, you can consult colour psychology. Please get in touch with us so that we can help you with all of your signage needs.

What lobby signs are available to me?

There are several types of lobby signs that are available. Here at Dynamic Sign Solutions, we do LED lobby signs, vinyl reception signs, metal lobby signs, and acrylic lobby signs. Contact us today and speak with our team of experts to help you decide the best sign type for your brand.

Do you manufacture your products in-house? 

Yes, we do. To maintain the highest standard in all of our products, Dynamic Sign Solutions only uses premium-grade materials and cutting-edge machinery. To learn more about our production process, contact us at 236-420-7446.

How long does it take to finish a lobby sign? 

How quickly a lobby sign can be made depends on several factors. The size, complexity of the design, and other details of the sign can be considered. Dynamic Sign Solutions aims to complete each signage project as quickly as possible without compromising the project's quality. Call us today to learn more about our sign-making process.

What is the best material for a lobby sign?

A variety of materials like metals, wood, acrylics, plastics, and more can be used to make lobby signs. The most popular materials are wood, acrylic, and aluminum because they are easy to cut into your desired shapes, take paint and other finishes well, and produce quality finished signs. Call us today so we can help you select the ideal material for your lobby sign.

What is an installation fee?

Making a sign for your office or place of business is one of the best ways to attract attention. With our stylish, modern designs, a message can be delivered whenever and wherever. Size has the biggest impact on installation costs, and complicated LED marquees or billboards will cost more. Cost management can be facilitated by identifying these variables.

How much do lobby signs cost in Kelowna?

Depending on the type, size, design, materials, lighting, and placement of the sign, a range of prices is available. Designs with simpler logos and fonts might be less expensive. To learn more about our pricing options, get in touch with us right away.

What is your standard lead time on custom lobby signs?

The lead time varies depending on the product type and volume. The pace at which a custom lobby sign can be produced depends on a variety of variables. You can take into consideration the sign's size, design complexity, and other specifics. Each signage project at Dynamic Sign Solutions is finished as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Call us today at 236-420-7446 to find out more about how we create signs.

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