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Custom Monument Signs for Your Kelowna Company 

Commercial monument signs are large outdoor structures that display who a company is and what it can provide to consumers. They are strategically installed at eye level to get the attention of motorists and passersby. These signs are often built with extremely durable materials, such as brick and stone. Because of that, they can effectively make a statement on behalf of your brand for many years in Kelowna.

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How Can Monument Signs for Business Establish a Sense of Permanency?

  • High-quality signs reflect your values: Imagine this, you visit a hospital only to be greeted by a poorly made monument sign. Most likely, you will have second thoughts about the quality of their health care services and hesitate to enter the facility. This is just a simple example of how business signs strongly affect the consumers’ perceived trust. The good news is that Dynamic Sign Solutions is your reliable partner for premium-quality signage solutions.
  • Not all establishments have them: Not all businesses have the capacity to invest in long-term signage solutions. For those that have built a reputation and established trust with their consumers, putting up monument signs is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s intention to serve its clients for many years.

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Common Types of Monument Signs in Kelowna  

  • Electronic monument signs: These combine the best qualities of traditional and modern advertising. With them, you can showcase videos and slideshows of your upcoming events, product launches, limited-time promos, seasonal discounts, and more.
  • Foam monument signs: We highly recommend foam core signs for entrepreneurs who want to invest in durable yet surprisingly lightweight signage solutions. These can even mimic the look and style of brick and concrete.
  • Brick monument signs: Are you on the hunt for timeless monument signs near you that can complement your building’s exterior design? If so, these classy signage solutions are your best bet. We also recommend them for those who don’t have to waste their money on frequent repairs or replacements.

Uses for Monument Signs

  • Cement your branding strategy: Architectural monument signs reflect who you are as a brand and what makes you different from surrounding competitors. When these signs complement your unique branding strategy, they will create a positive and lasting impression of your company, which can ultimately generate profit.
  • Become a familiar landmark in Kelowna: One way to become a household name in town is by having LED monument signs that are visible regardless of the time of day or weather condition. They are hard to miss and easy to remember, allowing locals to use them as landmarks subconsciously. Eventually, consumers will even associate your brand with your address, or vice versa.
  • Extend your marketing budget: Since these structures are installed in high-traffic areas and are built to last a lifetime, the cost of monument signs is well worth it. You are not only getting a fast ROI but also maximizing your advertising investments.

Expert Monument Sign Installation in Kelowna, BC

Since monument signs are intended to last for several years, they need to be installed by professionals with the right experience and tools. The good news is that Dynamic Sign Solutions is home to some of the top-rated installers in the area. They carefully and securely install your signage investments to ensure that they can withstand everyday pollution and extreme weather conditions.

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