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Custom Neon Signs Kelowna

If you want to pique the interest of passersby or add a touch of retro-style advertising inside your Kelowna establishment, investing in custom LED signs made is the way to go. 

These are some of the most stunning, unique, and memorable visual communication channels for your business. Neon illuminated signs have been widely used since the 1920s, but their modern iteration is “neon” in name only. Modern neon signs usually use LED lights under acrylic to achieve the same effect as the traditional glass tube filled with an electrified noble gas. Consumers often associate these signs with nightlife, but innovative entrepreneurs have strategically incorporated LED neon signs to match their unique brand personality and amplify their atmosphere. 

However, not all manufacturers can get these signs right. Low-quality materials, improper installation, and faulty electrical wiring can lead to dangerous and costly consequences. Don’t take the risk! Choose a reputable signage company in Kelowna that has expertise in designing, producing, and installing these special lighted signs.

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Advantages and Uses of Neon Signs for Your Kelowna Company 

  • Uniform and consistent illumination: Dynamic Sign Solutions only uses the highest-grade materials and equipment when producing your signage investments. This means, there will be no dark or faded spots that are often found in signs made by other manufacturers. Equal LED distribution creates a uniform, balanced, and cohesive appearance that never fails to impress the public.
  • Free digital advertising: It's common for customers to visit establishments in Kelowna with the intention of taking lots of picture-worthy shots that they upload on their respective social media profiles. People love sharing or even bragging about going to new or hip spots in town. As an entrepreneur, you can capitalize on this by installing different types of neon signs that artistically display your official trademark, favorite quotes, slogan, reminders, and other elements related to your unique brand personality. When done successfully, your business will become the talk of the town and enjoy more foot traffic.
  • Never go out of style: Despite this style of the sign being almost a century old, custom LED neon signs in Kelowna are still visually impressive and impactful. Whether you plan on using them as marketing tools, decor, or both, these signs are fantastic solutions to transform any lackluster space.
  • Damage-resistant and long-lasting: When these are professionally fabricated and installed, your signs can last between 10 to 15 years. In other words, you keep benefiting from your signage investments for a long time.
  • No overheating issues: In the past, people were always worried about overusing signs made with neon tubes because these often overheat and cause fires. The good news is that modern neon LED signs only have a maximum heating temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. In other words, fewer headaches and expenses on your end.
  • Extremely vibrant color options: Our company creates lighted business signs in a variety of hues to match your unique brand strategy. Talk to one of our consultants today for more dynamic design ideas.
  • Superb visibility: Because of how neon LED signs to stand out, even when surrounded by many other illuminated structures in Kelowna, you can effortlessly generate hundreds if not thousands of impressions each day. When used as outdoor visual communication tools, these can give your establishment the attention it deserves.
  • Unlimited font styles: Dynamic Sign Solutions can copy your trademark and produce almost any type of font style you prefer. In other words, we can get as creative with the design of your outdoor LED signs while being cohesive with your branding requirements.

One of the Top LED Neon Signs Kelowna, BC  

Dynamic Sign Solutions is your go-to supplier for visual communication tools that generate long-term, profitable results. We focus on curating solutions that are tailored to meet your needs, vision, budget, and expectations. By taking extra steps, such as learning about your customer’s preferred communication styles, we can maximize the efficacy of your signage investments.

Are you ready to have the best-LED neon light signs in Kelowna? Claim your free consultation today!

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