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What is a Pylon Sign? 

Commercial signs come in many shapes and forms. Some of them are intended for outdoors, indoors, or even both. Their purpose can vary and overlap, each working to ultimately generate more profit for your company.

Custom pylon signs are vast structures that are strategically installed to grab the attention of potential customers from several miles away. They are often taller than regular signage posts to help you gain a competitive advantage. The most common uses of pylon signs include:

  • Showcasing your official trademark.
  • Displaying tenants renting your commercial space.
  • Indicating the brand names found in-store.
  • Announcing upcoming or ongoing events.
  • Becoming a familiar landmark in Kelowna.
  • Making special announcements, such as adjusted business hours for the holidays.
  • Promoting discounts, new product launches, and best-sellers.
  • Informing motorists about gas prices.
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The Most Common Types of Pylon Signs in Kelowna 

  • Property pylon signs: These signs advertise not just the main building but also other tenants located within a property or boundary. This way, people know which brands you carry or what offices and businesses are inside. They are also often used in closed communities, condominiums, and other estates.
  • Monument pylon signs: Establish a sense of professionalism, permanence, and trustworthiness with monument pylon signs. These are typically found at hospitals, big corporations, and universities. Monument pylon signs are sometimes used as welcome signage or to give information about the city, municipality, town, or neighborhood.
  • Gas station pylon signs: Almost all gas stations use illuminated pylon signs to display gas types and up-to-date prices. Thanks to their large font sizes, motorists can see details from long distances.
  • Lighted pylon signs near you: If you want your business to enjoy round-the-clock advertising without breaking the bank, LED signs are the way to go. Their excellent visibility in low to no light gives your establishment an edge over competitors.
  • Wayfinding pylon signs: These display directional cues and details to help customers easily locate specific areas that they want to go to. A modern version of wayfinding signs includes smart digital displays that provide directories, photos, and detailed instructions.
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Are Pylon Signs Worth the Investment? 

These freestanding structures are distinctively known for their enormous height and size. Because of that, the cost of pylon signs can sometimes discourage entrepreneurs. However, if you look at it in the long run, you will realize that they are worth every penny spent. From all the advantages your business can reap to their high durability, you can feel confident that your signage investments are working for you.

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Importance of Professional Pylon Sign Installation

Securely installing commercial pylon signs is of paramount importance. Because of their height, special measures have to be taken to ensure that they will not accidentally topple or collapse. Poor installation can cost you thousands of dollars in case the unfortunate happens, not to mention the properties and lives at stake. Don’t take the risk! Hire expert installers from Dynamic Sign Solutions instead.

Expert Pylon Sign Manufacturing in Kelowna

Dynamic Sign Solutions is a leading supplier of top-notch visual communication solutions in the area. Since outdoor signs are exposed to dust, dirt, and different weather conditions, they should be built to withstand them all for many years. We utilize top-of-the-line machinery and top-quality materials to maintain a high standard in all our signage products.

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