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What is a Storefront Sign?

Storefront signs, also known as retail store signs, are placed above the front entrance of a business. These can be placed above the front door, above the store window, across a permanent awning, or even at a backloading and unloading entrance.

As the name suggests, these visual communication tools are installed at the front of your Kelowna store, shop, or establishment to represent who you are as a company. Depending on your preference and specific goals, they can take many shapes, forms, and sizes.

No matter what kind of sign you choose, it will reflect the store’s branding. It does this through its design, business name, logo, and colors. Though it is best not to overcrowd storefront signs with information, larger signs may include a catchy phrase. Many businesses choose smaller secondary storefront signs to provide additional information such as opening and closing hours, a website, social media handles, and phone numbers.

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Are Business Storefront Signs Important?

The shopfront is a primary advertising spot in your facility. It’s because they introduce your brand to the public and give them a preview of your products, services, and competitive edge. Custom storefront signs that put your brand’s best foot forward can effectively increase foot traffic and influence future brand preferences in your target audience.

What is Storefront Business Advertising?

Storefront advertising, also known as retail advertising, is the process by which retailers use advertisements to raise awareness of their products in order to generate sales. A retailer's advertising attempts to persuade its target audience to take a specific action.

This unique form of advertising is more than just another marketing strategy; it is a strategic trend that allows the brand to get directly in front of the consumer. Even though the 21st century is technologically advanced, it is important to recognize that a physical and visual experience can influence or initiate a purchasing journey.

Storefront advertising is a great way to keep up with current trends. Marketing is constantly evolving, so being sure to keep up with modern signage is a great way to stay ahead.

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Other Uses for Storefront Signs for Your Kelowna-Based Company 

  • Advertise your limited-time discounts and promos.
  • Cement your brand.
  • Become a familiar landmark in Kelowna.
  • Promote new product launches, best-sellers, and signature services.
  • Provide office hours, contact numbers, and other essential business information.
  • Display seasonal décor to appear more relatable.
  • Draw more attention to your establishment in a sea of competitors.

Providing Commercial Window Graphics & Lettering Services in Kelowna

As your full-service sign company, Dynamic Sign Solutions is dedicated to providing quality window graphics and lettering services to the whole of Kelowna and its surrounding areas.  We were founded on a simple promise: modern business signs at an affordable price. We do more than just make signs; we help businesses engage with their customers in exciting ways.

Honesty, integrity, respect, quality, and customer service are core values at our company. We are open and honest in all aspects of our professional and personal lives, allowing us to develop strong and trusting relationships with our customers, employees, and stakeholders. We also make certain that we adhere to the highest ethical standards and procedures in order to provide our customers, suppliers, and coworkers with the service they deserve.

Our team enjoys making brands stand out, maximizing marketing potential, and making your process with us as simple as possible.

Popular Types of Storefront Signs in Kelowna

  • Channel letter signs: These lighted storefront signs are loved by many entrepreneurs in Kelowna because of their eye-catching and unforgettable qualities. They are individually cut, molded, and installed on your building.
  • Dimensional letter signs: Don’t confuse them with channel letters because these have solid parts which can only be illuminated through external LED fixtures. Dimensional letters are ideal for creating a professional and sleek look for your storefront.
  • A-frame shopfront signage: These feature two hardwearing plastic frames that open to a shape similar to the letter “A”. They are commonly used to showcase special offers of the day, menu items, happy hour promos, and more.
  • Awnings: These charming signs are installed over doors and windows to display your company name and logo. What makes them versatile and cost-efficient is that people can also use them as shade from various weather conditions.
  • Canopies: These signs are comparable to awnings, except they are wider and have poles to support the structure. Because of their size, many local cafes, bars, and restaurants use them for their al-fresco dining.
  • Pavement storefront signs in Kelowna: These are similar to A-frame signs, except they cannot be moved around and stand upright through poles that are drilled on the ground. Both sides of the panel can be used for advertisements as well.
  • Digital displays: If you want to get ahead of competitors, we recommend that you invest in digital signs. These are bright, vibrant, and can be updated as needed.
  • Blade signs: Unlike your average hanging signs that are suspended from the ceiling, these are attached to the wall perpendicularly. This unique installation method makes them stand out and incredibly visible from various angles.
  • Door signs: They indicate important information that clients should know before entering an establishment. It includes WiFi availability, contact details, “no pets allowed”, slogans, “no mask no entry”, and more.
  • Vinyl window decals: These storefront window signs are practical, versatile, and easy to install. They are perfect for updating your building's exterior design and maximizing the available ad space. Many Kelowna companies use them as retail signs to invite more shoppers.

Benefits of Storefront Signs

Your storefront signs are your customers' first point of contact with your company. It is critical that your signs make a good first impression.

In addition to making a good first impression, your signs help you project and maintain a more professional image. According to studies, approximately 60% of customers do not visit a business due to a lack of signage. Giving your company a brand makes you appear more credible.

Finally, storefront signage is the most effective way to increase brand recognition and ensure that clients return. By making sure to incorporate modern and premium signs, you are allowing customers to make a mental note of where you are, the services you offer, and of course, the brilliant signage you installed!

Your Supplier for High-Quality Storefront Signs in Kelowna, BC 

Dynamic Sign Solutions is committed to creating marketing solutions that are tailored to meet your needs. We understand how the shopfront can make or break your brick-and-mortar business. This is why we implement sign-making best practices, foolproof advertising strategies, and a customer-centric approach when producing your storefront signage.

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